Electron Microscopy

The structure of crystals grown in this project will be assessed and revealed on the atomic scale, not only via atomic resolution imaging (using phase contrast (HREM) and atom scale high angle annular dark (HAADF) imaging, but also via novel diffraction methods.


There has been a renaissance in electron diffraction for structure solution with the advent of diffraction tomography. This enables electron diffraction alone to solve the crystal structure using an exact analogy of single crystal X-ray techniques and has had a particular impact on the solution of organic crystal structures.


For structure solutions via diffraction methods to be undertaken in MagnaPharm, the most appealing feature over X-ray diffraction of microcrystalline samples is the greatly enhanced scattering cross-section of electrons when compared to X-rays or neutrons. This permits nanocrystals to be studied individually as single crystals producing patterns free from reflection overlap. We will exploit this in order to identify the polymorph of the first-to-appear organic crystals grown in experiments under magnetic control.