Professor Sally Price FRS

University College London

Professor Sarah (Sally) Price FRS is a theoretical chemist whose PhD (1981, with Anthony Stone, Cambridge Theoretical Chemistry) started her work on using the theory of intermolecular forces to derive anisotropic atom-atom intermolecular potentials from the wavefunctions of the molecules. These advanced models are still evolving and are used in DMACRYS for modelling the organic solid state.


Sally was PI on the Basic Technology Program “Control and Prediction of the Organic Solid State” project which advanced the capability of predicting polymorphs by having concurrent computational and experimental searches for crystal structures. This was an interdisciplinary collaboration of 10 investigators over 8 institutions and many other EU groups collaborated, as shown on publication list on The core long term CPOSS collaboration continues with EPSRC EP/K039229/1 which is developing methods to target the crystallisation of predicted polymorphs by templating, involving the Price/Tocher group in UCL chemistry and Alastair Florence of Strathclyde Pharmaceutical Sciences, who now directs the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing and Doctoral Training Centre in Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation. CPOSS represents most of Price’s work with funded experimentalists, and a large proportion of her career total of £6,311,650 grant funding as Principal Investigator/applicant on 26 grants.


Sarah L Price has 9110 citations, averaging 48.72 citations per item in Web of Science Citation Index (March 23rd 2016). In 2015 she was awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry Interdisciplinary Prize for working with pharmaceutical scientists, chemical engineers, computer scientists, physicists and chemists on the organic solid state. In 2017 she was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS). She maintains close links with the theoretical chemistry community, being on the advisory panel for a doctoral training program (Oxford/Southampton/Bristol) and having chaired the Royal Society of Chemistry Theoretical Chemistry Interest group 2012-2015. She is on the management group of the Collaborative Computational project on NMR Crystallography. She has refereed and otherwise advised various Research Funding Councils, including work on the Technical Opportunities Panel, and Panel Chair for EPSRC.