University of Limerick unveils one of a kind multi-million euro microscope

21st June 2017

A multi-million-Euro microscope funded by Science Foundation Ireland and the University of Limerick (UL), was unveiled today at UL’s Bernal Institute. The Titan Microscope will allow researchers to study materials at an atomic level in real-world conditions and is one of only a handful of microscopes with these capabilities worldwide.

The new Titan Themis is a double-corrected, monochromated Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) and is valued at €6 million. A further €3 million worth of specialist equipment has been added to the UL machine including in-situ microscopy and ultra-fast and sensitive detectors, as well as environmental holders, which allow for the behaviour of materials to be studied in real-time across a range of environments.

The TEM will enable MagnaPharm researchers to see individual atoms and identify their chemical nature on the scale of a ten-billionth of a millimetre. Its capabilities are so powerful that we will have the ability to characterise materials with sub atomic resolution and capture their behaviour in real environments, something which has not been possible up until now.

Photo credit: University of Limerick

View a timelapse of the microscope build here...
See the official launch video here...

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