University of Bristol opens new high-powered

MagnaPharm Magnet Laboratory

17th November 2017

The brand new laboratory - one of only few of its kind in the UK - was officially opened this week.


Funded by the MagnaPharm project under the EU Horizon 2020 'Future and Emerging Technologies' programme, it features four high-field electromagnets - enabling crystallisation experiments under fields of over 3 Tesla (3T).


With these powerful electromagnets, Bristol will be able to act as a high-throughput screening centre for all the pharmaceutical targets under investigation.

Professor Nick Norman, Head of the School of Chemistry, congratulated Dr Simon Hall and the group on the successful launch and development of the new high-tech laboratory, which also houses state-of-the-art imaging equipment.

We express our sincere thanks to the University of Bristol's School of Chemistry and the Sustainability team for their support in delivering this ambitious laboratory which has been equipped to meet the university's commitment to sustainable development.

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